Making Pokemon cards come to life

Using target tracking, I created an AR experience that reveals specially designed artwork for each specific pokemon card. This project has gone viral with over 200K impressions and appeared on Reddit's front page.

Reddit Post

Spark AR

Animating famous murals in Austin, TX

With SparkAR, I created AR experiences that are activated through Instagram filters that when pointed at the murals, makes static art become dynamic. This is a constantly evolving project, with the hopes of creating AR experiences for every mural not only in Austin, but many other cities in the world.


Using AR to create unique social engagement for musicians

While everyone on Instagram and Facebook are using SparkAR to create face filters, we also have the opportunity to detect images. Point the instagram camera at an album cover and watch what happens. These filters can be added to artist's instagram page, making it a great engagement tool for fans.

VR in Unity

Experience a record store, without going to the record store.

I am currently working on a VR game developed in Unity called Record Store Simulator, which is exactly what it sounds like. Sift through the record crates and discover brand new music. All the album covers I designed myself, some including music I also wrote and recorded. Sample the music on a virtual turntable, and if you don't like what you hear, smash it by throwing it like a frisbee at the wall.

Spark AR

Occlusion in Instagram Filters

This experiment was focused on simulating depth in an instagram filter. When the camera recognizes the can, the AR experience builds around it, and the cherries float behind.