Southwest Airlines

175 Stories

"No-frills air carrier Southwest is introducing a new campaign inspired by the reasons why customers fly the airline, and it breaks the mold of what you might think of your seatmate. The campaign, ‘Behind Every Seat is a Story, Behind Every Story is the Reason for Transfarency’ tells the real stories behind the airline’s passengers." - The Drum

An Immersive Brand Experience

Southwest came to us with a monumental task, creating a hub to hold 175 pieces of brand content for the 175 stories campaign. The story content ranged from video in vertical and horizontal format, articles, images, and audio clips. We created a 360 immersive experience in WebGL that let users explore a brand new Boeing 800 MAX aircraft and discover these stories that lived in each seat.

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User Experience

Scroll your cursor over any seat and a photo of a real passenger appears, along with a story and a video. For example, in seat 4D, we meet Wrenn, a little girl who had a lung transplant as a baby and has to fly frequently to the St. Louis Children’s Hospital for treatment. When she grows up, Wrenn wants to be a pilot.

 The stories serve to position the brand around a customer’s emotional moments—and works especially well in a category where competitors are often seen as lacking compassion. The new campaign is accompanied by television ads, social media posts, and shareable bite-sized content.
360 Degree View

Explore the cabin by scrolling through the aisles, and exploring each seats designated story.

Every Seat Has a Story

Each seat has a story attached, module window pops up and allows you to dive deeper into that customers story.

Reasons to Buy

Still not convinced? Even more content awaits in the menu. Learn about the new plane and more Southwest features.

Secondary Navigation

Even though exploring the plane is great fun, you can also get to specific content you are looking for faster with the Stories Map feature.