The idea behind Voxi originally came from wanting to create a music service centered around fanbases, an outlet where like-minded music fans could interact with each other. Uploading and sharing information with your friends is not a new concept, but what about  pinpointing this information to a location? These kind of pinpoint applications exist, but nothing centered on music itself. Imagine pinning what music you listened to at a certain location. Other users could filter the pins to their music taste and discover restaurants, bars, music venues, record stores etc. where they can interact and meet with real people who like the same music.

Voxi Music acts as the music database that all the music from user’s playlists pull from, but also a standalone software for streaming on your computer. In the same vein as the application, Voxi Music works to bring music fans together. User’s can relive a concert experience with others by streaming the live performance from specific shows, leaving comments, and uploading photos/video. When signed in, all playlists and locations pins can be accessed from the standalone player.